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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 12:46:03 EDT 2018

On 10/10/18 10:53, Mariam Haji wrote:
>...my current challenge
> with the projects bit is how to pseudo-code and which approach to use as I
> am not very familiar with the entire python syntax and how I can use it 

And that's the whole point of doing projects. You need to
really be comfortable with the basics of breaking a problem
down into code sized chunks and debugging basic syntax
before you start thinking about mo9re advanced stuff.

Think of a regular task you could automate, or invent
a game, whatever takes your fancy. Then work on it and
as you get stuck send your code here and we will try
to help you fix it.

Remember keep it simple to start with. Even just copying
the files in a work folder to a backup folder, or a
little music or photo catalogue tool.

And start small, get the basics working before adding
extra features - test each feature as you add it, don't
wait till you have a mountain of code to debug.

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