[Types-sig] Re: transformer.py (was: Plea for help.)

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 20:39:43 -0800

Greg Stein wrote:
> Bill and I have already exchanged mail with Jeremy. The stuff will get
> folded in at some point. When? Dunno. 

Is it a case of "folding in" or of merging a file? I thought it was the
latter because I thought that Jeremy's changes were backwards compatible
with py2c.

> Code fork? I
> don't see that occurring at all; it isn't like Jeremy is purposefully
> going to start producing new releases of transformer.py. If he sends one
> out, it would simply be to expedite matters.

My point is, if I build an interesting application on top of Jeremy's
version and you continue to build on the older version, we will have a
defacto code fork because one of us will have to update our code in
order to re-sync. If Jeremy's code is just a drop-in replacement then
that won't be a problem and I'll just use it until you get around to
"dropping it in" to py2c.

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