[Types-sig] PyDL RFC 0.02

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 12:54:54 -0500

scott wrote:
> One thing to consider is that windows/dos users can't have a 4-char
> suffix on a file name reliably.

Well, DOS users....Windows 9x/NT users will have no problem. I'm not
sure if I care enough about DOS to think that we should change this.

> Greg, are you suggesting a single file which gets generated type info
> appened automatically?  If so, I don't see it being harmful.  A simple
> comment header denoting the beginning of machine generated info would
> suffice IMO, 

How do you combine the hand-maintained portions of the interface file
beside the generated parts? How do you prevent a hand-matained interface
file from being overwritten by a generated one?

> and it would facilitate some of the problems with working
> with extra files... like permissions denying writes of the interface
> file and what not.

I don't follow you at all. We have extra files. One or two, you are
going to have potential problems with permissions. That's one reason to
NOT use generated interface files in some circumstances.

> I believe greg has a good point here.  

I think I've addressed it. The Python interpreter should not be looking
at each namespace in turn. I would expect that in the future we will
allow an infinite number of nested namespaces without any performance

> Any pointers to this discussion?

I don't have any. I think we just said: "we'll figure out const later."
There may not have been a big discussion.

 Paul Prescod