[Web-SIG] Re: Just lost another one to Rails

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Wed Apr 27 19:14:03 CEST 2005

Greg Wilson wrote:
> Well, here we all are, two weeks later, with no sign of convergence on a 
> solution.

I'm not sure whether a 'solution' is possible. Nathan Torkington's rave 
is typical hype in my mind. Hyping some other system might help, but I 
don't think the web-sig can organize such a thing.

Concerning actual technical convergence from a development point of 
view, besides the Paste work that Ian Bicking lists in his mail, Zope 3 
and Twisted are being integrated using WSGI. On my personal agenda is to 
check out Ian's formencode and see how we can use it for Zope 3; the 
little I read about the philosophy (especially the bit why 
auto-generating forms, while seemingly attractive, has problems) struck 
me very positively.

What kind of solution are you looking for? One can hardly expect people 
to drop the frameworks they've invested a lot in and all converge upon 
another one. You can't even expect Python programmers to actually stop 
creating new frameworks.

I think evolution can work, and the trend is going in the right 
direction -- the Zope 3/Twisted development plus the Paste and Subway 
developments means there's movement in the direction of integration of 
existing code, instead of reinventing the wheel all the time. We need to 
keep this up and expand it further.



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