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Fri Aug 12 23:08:31 CEST 2005

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Paste has one too, but it's Not Very Good ;)  I started using the flup
session, but I got lazy and never flipped the switch to make it the
default.  There's been some discussion about sessions in the last few
months on the Quixote list as well.

session2 is at http://quixote.idyll.org/ .  It was made due to the lack of
persistent session stores in Quixote.  There's a threefold structure:

Session: Copy of Quixote's session class.  You can set attributes but not
keys.  DictSession also allows keys.  There's a .user attribute (default
None) and a .set_user(user) method, but those can be ignored.

SessionManager: Interface between the framework and store.  The
implementation is Quixote-specific, but one could probably make an
abstract superclass or WSGI class.

SessionStore: Base class of storage backends: DirectorySessionStore,
DurusSessionStore, MySQLSessionStore, PostgresSessionStore,

If a Quixote application were installed in Paste and used a third-party
session manager, the session object would have to:
  - allow arbitary attributes.
  - default .user to None.
  - have a .set_user(user) method that merely sets .user.
Otherwise people would have to modify their applications.

-- Mike Orr <mso at oz.net>

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