[Web-SIG] A trivial template API counter-proposal

titus at caltech.edu titus at caltech.edu
Sun Feb 5 02:11:37 CET 2006

-> > Sure.  I'd suggest that we might want to expand it a little to include some
-> > of the fine contributions of other authors, such as Ian's "lint" middleware
-> > (which sits between an app and a server and checks both for compliance) and
-> > maybe even his "Python debugger in the browser" middleware.  There have
-> > also been people who've written a few utilities for CGI-in-WSGI, WSGI in
-> > mod_python, etc.  And it'd be nice to squeeze in a FastCGI implementation
-> > if somebody's got a suitable one.  Docs are also nonexistent at the
-> > moment.  I'd be happy to co-ordinate and consolidate the additions, and of
-> > course I'll write documentation, though any assistance people can offer
-> > would be greatly appreciated.  Some people have written nice WSGI tutorials
-> > or explanations, so if anybody wants to offer those up for consolidation
-> > into docs, that would be good too.
-> Adding support for mod_python in the stdlib seems excessive --
-> shouldn't that be included with mod_python instead? FastCGI OTOH seems
-> handy to have.
-> See my response to Ian recommending a conservative approach here.

A *very* conservative approach would be to include a simple
WSGI_HTTPHandler class based on BaseHTTPServer (much like
SimpleHTTPServer), and that's it.  This is my favorite option...

While there are many additional handlers one *could* add in, it's not
all that tough to include the necessary machinery in one's own package.

I'd shy away from FastCGI and SCGI (even though I like them both) simply
because it's easy enough to get adapters and it seems like an undue
burden on *someone* to put them into the Python distribution.


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