[Web-SIG] [Proposal] "website" and first-level conf

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra at gpr.com.br
Thu Mar 8 15:02:44 CET 2007

[ Chris Withers ]:
|I do a lot of unix deployment, and the thought of
|a buildout that sprays files all over the system, even if they are in 
|standard unix-y location scares me a lot...

 I am very sympathetic to the idea of keeping related thing together.
 But I have some use cases (counter-examples) to contribute:

 - multiple Zope instances sharing libraries, python modules,
   and Zope/Plone Products. These files might be placed out of
   the instance tree.

 - when the Unix Adm is **not SomeFramework-wise** there is (might be)
   a demand to keep backup-electable-stuff somewhere he/she/it 
   wants (like /etc instead of /someApp/etc). Even if with keep
   the files inside app's tree, deploy scripts might have to create
   hard links outside that tree. 
 - logs and data (like Data.fs).... see below

|> For example, site administrators like to keep log files
|> together and separate from other files.
|As a site admin myself, I like to keep log files together, but on a 
|per-project basis, I think it's a personal preference thing...
|I don't agree with either of these at the moment. What's the reasoning 
|for wanting to spray files from one project all over the filesystem?

 - one optimization (we actually do) is to create different disk
   partitions. One optimized for *large* files (like logs and 
   databases) and other for small files (like source code, libraries
   and config files).

In spite of that, I would love to keep deploys *totally* self-contained.
Nevertheless, I was not wise enough to workaround some of the use cases
presented above ;o)

best regards,

Rodrigo Senra
GPr Sistemas 

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