[Web-SIG] [Proposal] "website" and first-level conf

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 11:05:19 CET 2007

Rodrigo Senra wrote:
> [ Chris Withers ]:
>  - multiple Zope instances sharing libraries, python modules,
>    and Zope/Plone Products. These files might be placed out of
>    the instance tree.

Sometimes you want this, sometimes you don't ;-)

You want it if you have lots of homogeneous projects that all use the 
same products and libraries.

For me, it's much more common to need to isolate projects because they 
rely in specific versions of products and libraries and often break if 
they have access to the wrong one...

>  - when the Unix Adm is **not SomeFramework-wise** there is (might be)
>    a demand to keep backup-electable-stuff somewhere he/she/it 
>    wants (like /etc instead of /someApp/etc). Even if with keep
>    the files inside app's tree, deploy scripts might have to create
>    hard links outside that tree. 

OK, this is a good argument for making the location selectable ;-)

>  - one optimization (we actually do) is to create different disk
>    partitions. One optimized for *large* files (like logs and 
>    databases) and other for small files (like source code, libraries
>    and config files).

I've never seen the need myself, what measurable differences has this made?

> In spite of that, I would love to keep deploys *totally* self-contained.
> Nevertheless, I was not wise enough to workaround some of the use cases
> presented above ;o)

Sounds like we really need to support both...


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