[Web-SIG] Windmill -- Automated WebUI testing framework

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 5 21:04:02 CET 2007

The QA Developers at OSAF have been working for some time on Windmill,  
a framework for complete automated WebUI testing across all target  
browsers and all target operating systems. It is course 100% open  
source ( Apache 2 License ) and maintained at the Open Source  
Applications Foundation where it is used to test the Chandler Server  
web interface.

Windmill is implemented in Python (we're a heavy consumer of WSGI )  
and JavaScript.

We just reached 0.2.6 and think it's stable enough for the web world  
at large.

Tomorrow we'll be hosting an IRC Sprint in #windmill of  
irc.freenode.org from 10am to 5pm PST. Please come and join us, we'd  
like to gather your feedback and help with any issues you might  
encounter from install to continuous integration.


Hope to see you tomorrow.


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