[Web-SIG] WSGI server aimed at easy deployment and administration

Randall berryman77 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 22:52:38 CEST 2010

The rise of WSGI and the many server implementations is really great.
I've configured some combinations of webservers and WSGI servers that
are very fast and reliable.  Now that there's a good standard for
Python web applications to build on, there is an opportunity to create
a standard for very easy deployment and administration.

Consider the common scenario where an administrator is responsible for
half a dozen or more applications, each for a different department
within a company.  Instead of having each application configure its
own settings for mail servers, database connections and the
administrator needing to configure and install various CherrPy,
Pylons, Turbogears, etc WSGI files and dependencies, it would be nice
if each application, regardless of framework, could be deployed as a
single file archive.  The SMTP and database settings could be
configured once for all applications and even application specific
configuration could be configured by the administrator using a single
interface.  In addition, it would provide statistics about the
applications and allow them to be restarted individually, again from a
uniform interface.

It would provide services that the applications could access through a
standard interface.  Mail, database, temporary files, persistent
storage location. etc.  It should work with any WSGI application, but
an application could opt to take advantage of the services offered.

An application server like this could do wonders for getting Python
applications into the typical enterprise (I hate to that word, but
it's very appropriate here).  And yes, if my description sounds like
Tomcat, that's what I had in mind.  It would of course interface with
a web server and probably have its own HTTP server, but you'd only
have to go through that setup once instead of once per application.

What it means in the end is that after this hypothetical application
server is set up, a new application can be deployed by uploading a
single file archive.  For a single application deployment, it's not so
useful, but when deploying and managing multiple applications, it
could be a godsend to administrators and as a result to developers
that work with them.  And best of all, it could break down barriers to
getting Python web applications into enterprise environments.

I haven't come across any current efforts to develop something like
this and I'm finishing something else at the moment. So I wrote this
post to document my thoughts, see if there is any interest and
possibly get a discussion going.


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