[XML-SIG] So how can _we_ use XML?

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@cwi.nl
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:15:45 +0200

> 	In answer to Mark's question: Mark, are you asking what XML
> means to the Python codebase itself, or what XML is good for in
> general?
> [... general XML usefulness omitted]
> 	In direct reference to the Python code base, that's a more
> tenuous influence.  XML doesn't have many repercussions for the Python
> interpreter itself, though it is exerting strong pressure to add wide
> string support.

I think there's another way in which XML may influence Python, and that is in 
the APIs, both the parser and DOM APIs. I have the feeling that we have lots 
of database-ish modules (rfc822, mailbox and NT registry are a few that come 
to mind), it would be really really nice if all of these would have an API 
that was similar. DOM looks like it could be good enough for this.

The advantage of a similar interface is that you could easily change the 
underlying representation of your data if needed. For instance, mailbox/rfc822 
is nice enough if you want to scan a few hundred messages, but if you want to 
scan hundreds of thousands of messages (and scan them often) it may be 
worthwhile to use a different data storage mechanism while keeping your whole 
program intact.

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