[XML-SIG] saxlib

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
30 Mar 1998 22:10:33 +0200

I'm currently polishing xmlproc before release 0.30, which will have
XML validation. I plan to release a new saxlib version at the same
time and was wondering whether to add some new methods to it. (I'm not
updating to the proposed revision until there is agreement on the

These are the methods I'm thinking of:

 - module methods: 
    - sax_version, returns the version number of the SAX version implemented
    - saxlib_version, returns the version number of saxlib
    - create_parser, imports a parser module (much like whichdb)
    - get_parser_list, returns a list of the parser modules known to
      be supported in the order they will be tried by create_parser
    - set_parser_list, lets the user decide the parser order

 - parser methods:
    - parser_module, returns the name of the parser used (to allow
      users to check which parser they are using)
    - parser_version, returns the parser version number

Although one should be veeery careful with extending standards these
extensions seem harmless enough to me. Might they cause any JPython
problems? Anyone who can think of a reason why this should not be
implemented or who has an opinion on this?

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