[XML-SIG] saxlib

Paul Prescod papresco@technologist.com
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:43:01 -0500 (EST)

Nothing you propose will break JPython, for the simple reason that 
JPython is Python. But none of them will work with Java parsers "out of 
the box." And some of them are not even possible to implement for Java 
parsers (I guess you could call that "breaking JPython"):

On 30 Mar 1998, Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
>  - module methods: 
>     - sax_version, returns the version number of the SAX version implemented
>     - saxlib_version, returns the version number of saxlib

You should propose this to David for all SAX implementations.

>     - create_parser, imports a parser module (much like whichdb)

This would be possible to implement in a wrapper layer.

>     - get_parser_list, returns a list of the parser modules known to
>       be supported in the order they will be tried by create_parser

This is not implementable for Java parsers because Java packages are not 
first class. There would have to be a list of valid parsers "hanging around".

>  - parser methods:
>     - parser_module, returns the name of the parser used (to allow
>       users to check which parser they are using)

This is not too bad because classes are first class in Java. You would 
just ask the class for its name (as you would in Python).

>     - parser_version, returns the parser version number

Java parsers won't have version numbers. You should ask for this to be 
added to the SAX API.

 Paul Prescod