[XML-SIG] Useless fun thing for XML - comments or helpers?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:20:24 +0100

>1) XML is case sensitive. How about lowercase or CamelCase for the element
>type names.?

CamelCase!?  Look what the CamelFolks have to say about that:

    Also, instead of writing your variables with leading caps for
    all of the words like this: MyVariableForLoop. We should instead
    use the underscore and write it like this: my_variable_for_loop.
    [tchrist] gave several good reasons, including the fact that Perl
    is now a global language and it can be hard for those who speak
    English as a second language to read the variables. Also, we are
    used to having spaces in words so it makes it more readable for
    us too.

On the other hand, they also say:

    ...if we need comments in our code, then we didn't write it

which only shows that one might as well ignore them...

>2) The characters "<" and "&" are special in XML and must be escaped if they
>occur as part of the content (in URL's for example you can have "&").
>This does not effect your DTD, but needs to be born in mind when generating
>XBEL files. "&" -> "&amp;". "<" -> "&lt;"

Hey, my class did that...

>3) In XML there are no standard ways of specifying lexical structure in
>PCDATA (yet). Attributes give better (but still unsatisfactory) control.
>I am thinking primarily of the date element type.
><date yyyy = "2005" mm = "12" dd = "01"/>

Ouch! ;-)

>I suggest we keep it all very simple for now! Even as it stands a tool like
>sgrep - structured grepping - really shows up the advantage of XBEL.

sgrep?  Is this an existing utility?  Where do I find it?

Cheers /F