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Mon, 7 Sep 1998 09:51:16 +0100

>Sean Mc grath wrote:
>> ...
>> Having said that, this stuff is on the way really soon now. The first
>> salvo was a Tim Bray propsal for data typing in XML. Then came a formal
>> submission to the W3C called XML-Data. The latest state of play is
>> a joint Microsoft/IBM/Tim Bray propsal called DCD. Full info to be
>> found on W3C.ORG. Me? I use (abuse?) fixed attributes and Python:-
>> ...
[Greg Stein]
>Euh... unless I'm horribly mistaken, XML-Data is an XML DTD that
>describes a schema for describing schemas :-)
Yes. A common and powerful technique in the SGML/XML world. Meta-DTDs.

>i.e. rather than using
>that specialized DTD syntax, you can describe the schema in XML. Of
>course, this implies that you can start using a host of XML tools for
>manipulating the actual schema.


>Sure, there are some parts of XML-Data that are used to define the
>constraints (and type) of an attribute, but it isn't very complete.
It has been superceeded by DCD.


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