[XML-SIG] Re: Building xmldist

Edd Dumbill edd@usefulinc.com
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 09:08:32 -0500

Randall Hopper :
> Say, what's a good forum to pose general XML questions (state-of-XML; not
> necessarily tied to Python XML)?  The reason I ask is I picked up an XML
> book to read on the plane last weekend (_Applied XML, A Toolkit for
> Programmers_; Ceponkus, Hoodbhoy).  It seems to be a good first read for
> intended XML uses (app-to-app data exchange).  ...but as with most things
> XML it was doubtless behind the times when it hit the shelves.

You could try the XML-L list, which is a good place for general questions
that aren't deeply technical. It's linked from the front page of XMLhack.com
along with several

Also you could read XML.com which (in my not so humble opinion) is a good
source of tutorial and analysis on XML development.

> As I read through XML syntax, DTDs, the XML DOM API, etc. I'm wondering
> things like, have DTDs been superceded by a new mechanism that supports
> datatyping, is more flexible, and less rigid (XML Data and XML DCDs are
> mentioned), etc.

There is no W3C-sanctioned alternative to DTDs yet. There is work ongoing on
XML Schemas (which the XML Data, DCD etc. work feeds into) but no
recommendation yet from the W3C. Expect that sometime in Q1 2000. A new
working draft should be out soon.

My advice would be to stick with DTDs a while. An article we just published
a couple of weeks back on XML.com by Simon St.Laurent surveys the
DTDs/Schemas issue.

Edd Dumbill
Managing Editor, XML.com