[XML-SIG] xmlproc: Version 0.60 is out!

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 13:12:19 +0100 (MET)

xmlproc 0.60 has now been released, slightly delayed by memory leak
problems, which have now finally been resolved. This version is a
major improvement over the previous one, both in terms of better
general support for XML and in terms of better compliance with the

An upgrade to the new version is recommended because of the many
improvements and bug fixes.

Also, the documentation has been extended and improved, and some
example applications and files have been added to the distribution.

xmlproc can still be found at:

--Lars M.

=== Changes to xmlproc since version 0.52:

--- High-level changes:

 - xmlproc now supports parameter entity references inside declarations.
   This means that support for conditional sections is now also functional.

 - The DTD parser object used by xmlproc is now made available to
   applications, and can be used separately from the rest of the package
   to parse DTDs.

 - xmlproc now supports namespaces through an external parser filter.

 - Conformance to the XML Recommendation has been improved. Among other
   things, data events are now no longer reported after well-formedness
   errors and default attribute values are validated when they are declared.
   Various bugs have also been fixed.

 - Error recovery is now a bit more graceful, and memory leaks have been

--- API changes:

 - xmlproc no longer reports data events after a well-formedness error,
   as required by the XML Recommendation. xmlproc can be told to report
   data events even after such errors with the set_data_after_wf_error 

 - The Parser interface now has a deref method that can be called to
   break circular references in the parser when the object is to be
   garbage collected. If this method is not called the parser will not
   be deleted. When the method has been called the parser object becomes

 - The ElementType interface now has a get_content_model method that 
   can be used to get the content model of an element.

 - The Entity interface (only external entities) now has a method
   get_notation that can be used to get the notation of the entity.

 - The DTDParser interface and module has been introduced.

 - The namespace module has been introduced.