[XML-SIG] Re: Python SMIL parser

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
07 Feb 1999 15:24:32 +0100

* Jonothan Farr
| Thanks for the info. I have already downloaded and tried the xmlproc
| parser.  I was looking for something simpler and easier to use.
| Originally, I just wrote the smil parser based directly on the
| xmllib parser, but decided to break out the xmlvlib as an exercise
| in code reuse.

Sounds like a good decision, since it can then be made completely
general.  I looked a bit more closely at the source now, and as far as
I can see it should be possible to make a general validating parser
with the approach you use. (Ie: one that doesn't need a 'precompiled'
DTD.) Assuming that that is what you are trying to do, of course.

Please keep us informed of your progress, and when you've come to the
point where the parser can be used on any document[1] I'll write a SAX
driver for it (unless you want to do that yourself).

--Lars M.

[1] Or before that, if anyone wants it.