[XML-SIG] XML-newbie says hello

Fred L. Drake Fred L. Drake, Jr." <fdrake@acm.org
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:28:02 -0500 (EST)

Just van Rossum writes:
 > Cool. "Developing SGML DTDs : From Text to Model to Markup" seems to be one
 > of the standard works. Should I be afraid that it is about SGML rather than
 > XML? I only know XML is a subset of SGML, but I have no idea what to look
 > out for in the sense of XML vs. SGML pitfalls. Maybe Paul's suggestion
 > "Structuring XML Documents" is more suited for me?

  As I mentioned earlier, I can't really compare the two as I haven't
read Megginson's book (yet).  I can assure you that there's very
little in Maler's book that doesn't apply to XML; most of it is about
breaking content analysis and information structuring with an eye to
reuse.  It also deals with the "political" issues of designing a DTD
in an organization where a lot of people will be involved, but those
parts should be pretty easy to skip over or skim.  And it's a decent
read: she made the traditional cookbook example sound quite plausible!
;-)  (Yes, that was a compliment, not my typical sarcasm.)


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