[XML-SIG] XML-Howto update--->Where?

Wes Rishel wes@rishel.com
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 00:12:30 -0800

> Dinu C. Gherman writes:
> >sections, at least. Unfortunately, this update holds only
> >for the individual HTML pages, not the other formats and not
> >even the bundled HTML pages. Can we expect this to change
Kuchling writes:
> Anyway, the issue is fixed now; the PDF, PS, dvi, and bundled HTML
> files should now all have been updated to the current version on
> python.org; the mirror sites will catch up soon.

Where are people finding these updates, especially the downloads in a
complete package?

http://www.python.org/topics/xml/docs.html contains the documents that
Ghreman is and Kuchling are probably referring to, but only as a set of
discrete HTML files.

http://www.python.org/topics/xml/download.html contains a link to

which is advertised as "the complete package" and seemingly has not
changed since 8/6/98.

http://www.python.org/sigs/xml-sig/files/ contains no files that have
changed since Dec 4.

Thanks in advance.

BTW, one recognizes that those who are busy advancing the state of the
code base need to minimize the time spent documenting, but someone might
consider bringing http://www.python.org/topics/xml/download.html up to
release 0.5, since it has been out for nearly three months.

Being a newby, I struggled with rel 4 for a long time, because the page
seemed authoritative and I was not sure of the status of stuff in the
bare .../files directory.