[XML-SIG] New DOM code checked in

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 21:41:23 -0700

> Lars Marius Garshol writes:
> >Shouldn't this wait for the next DOM WD in the hope that this part of
> >the DOM will be fleshed out then? It seems pointless to me to
> >implement this now only to have it obsoleted by the next draft.
> 	The next DOM WD is probably some time away, since the March 4
> draft doesn't mention namespaces at all and WDs come out fairly
> slowly.  There are technologies like RDF and XSL that pretty much
> require namespaces *now*, so I think we can't sit on our hands here.

Actually, last week's DOM Level 2 WD _does_ mention namespaces, but does no 

> >What about the factory I proposed here earlier? It would be nice to
> >know whether that is on the list, and if so, where.
> 	Yes, it's definitely on the list, but I haven't yet had time
> to look at 4DOM's interface.  Anyone want to propose how this should
> look for PyDOM and save me the trouble?

Here is the IDL for 4DOM's NodeFactory.  You'll probably only need part of it, 
though: we enforce very strict factory usage because the node objects _could_ 
be remote.

#pragma prefix "fourthought.com"

#include "../../DOM.idl"
#include "../../HTML/HTML.idl"

module NodeFactoryIF {

	typedef sequence<DOMIF::Node> listofnodes;

	interface NodeFactory {

		//The user should only call these four methods
		HTMLIF::HTMLDocument createHTMLDocument();
		DOMIF::Document createDocument();
		HTMLIF::HTMLElement createHTMLElement(in HTMLIF::HTMLDocument parent,in 
string tag);
		void releaseNode(in DOMIF::Node node);

		//Non public interface: user shouldn't call these
		//All require the ownerDocument, but when called from
		//Document.py, this is provided for the user
		DOMIF::DOMImplementation createDOMImplementation(in string feature, in 
string version);
		DOMIF::NodeList createNodeList(in listofnodes nodes);
		DOMIF::NamedNodeMap createNamedNodeMap();		
		DOMIF::Element createElement(in  DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string 
		DOMIF::DocumentFragment createDocumentFragment(in DOMIF::Document 
		DOMIF::DocumentType createDocumentType(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in 
string name, in DOMIF::NamedNodeMap entities, in DOMIF::NamedNodeMap 
		DOMIF::Text createTextNode(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string data);
		DOMIF::Comment createComment(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string 
		DOMIF::CDATASection createCDATASection(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in 
string data);
		DOMIF::ProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction(in DOMIF::Document 
ownerDocument, in string target, in string data);
		DOMIF::Attr createAttribute(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string 
		DOMIF::Entity createEntity(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string 
publicId, in string systemId, in string notationName);
		DOMIF::EntityReference createEntityReference(in DOMIF::Document 
ownerDocument,in string name);
		DOMIF::Notation createNotation(in DOMIF::Document ownerDocument, in string 
publicId, in string systemId, in string name);
		DOMIF::NodeIterator createNodeIterator(in DOMIF::Node start_node);
		DOMIF::NodeIterator createSelectiveNodeIterator(in DOMIF::Node start_node, 
in unsigned short what_to_show);
		DOMIF::NodeIterator createFilteredNodeIterator(in DOMIF::Node start_node, in 
DOMIF::NodeFilter filter);
		DOMIF::NodeIterator createSelectiveFilteredNodeIterator(in DOMIF::Node 
start_node, in unsigned short what_to_show, in DOMIF::NodeFilter filter);
		HTMLIF::HTMLCollection createHTMLCollection(in listofnodes nodes);

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