[XML-SIG] Py-ish PySax Suggestion #2

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
05 May 1999 10:29:33 +0200

* Paul Prescod
| I would like to suggest that we copy the *mllib start_foo convention for
| PySAX. 

And in other postings you suggest that the error handler do something
by default, and that we add an easier-to-use alternative to the
characters method.

I like all these proposals, but on the other hand I would like to keep
SAX as it is and to keep it in step with Java SAX. Also, I think your
proposals are way too limited in terms of making SAX easier to use.

I would like to add things like:

 - making an element stack (with attributes) available to the application
 - making it easier to get the contents of an element

If we could solve all these we would have a SAX interface that would
be a lot easier to use, and in fact I've been waiting for somebody to
do this job ever since we first defined PySAX.

So my suggestion is: why don't we sit down and define an easier-to-use
SAX, which we layer on top of the existing one?

I think we can just recycle your proposals and use them directly, then
add the element stack (which is trivial anyway) and then see what we
can do about element content. (I have some ideas, but they need to
mature a little.)

Does anybody else have something on their SAX wishlist that they'd
like to see in this easySAX?

--Lars M.