[XML-SIG] xmllib compatibility

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 13:55:53 +0100

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> From: Fred L. Drake, Jr. [mailto:fdrake@acm.org]
>   This is an incompatibility between the two.  Convert to using SAX
> with pyexpat, since that'll be standard in Python 1.6.
Does this mean sax and pyexpat are going into the standad Python
Is there anything written down yet about how XML stuff will be packaged in
1.6, without having to read the entire SIG archive?  There is nothing listed
on the main web site under 'proposed changes', nor on the SIG page.  I have
a recent Python CVS tree, but cannot find any xml-related modules apart from
the old ones.

It is somewhat critical for our business to know about this!

Thanks very much,