[XML-SIG] python installatie op Windows

Frank Brugman brugman@wt.tno.nl
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 17:11:24 +0200

Dear Reader,

I tried to install the xml extention for Python under Windows NT
from the file PyXML-0.5.3.tar.
( I have installed python 1.5.2 under progam files and created a path to it. )
I extracted the files and tried to invoke the command:

'python setup.py build'

>>>>>>>>>>> Logging from screen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

D:\Users\Brugman\xml\PyXML-0.5.3>python setup.py build

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "setup.py", line 19, in ?
    from distutils.command.build import Build
ImportError: cannot import name Build


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CREDITS         README.pyexpat  demo            setup.py
LICENCE         README.sgmlop   doc             test
MANIFEST        TODO            extensions      windows


So it failed, and I don't have a clue what I did wrong.
As I am unfamiliar with python I also can't see which command line will
python let parse a XML file. ( or setup a TCL/TK interface for editing such a XML file )

I hope I didn't ask too stupid questions,

With kind regards, Frank Brugman

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