[XML-SIG] bad c extension practice

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:58:41 +0100

In article <20000824101737.C27A1303181@snelboot.oratrix.nl>, Jack Jansen
<jack@oratrix.nl> writes
>it's probably a good idea to enter this into the standard Python bug database. 
>Modules have had this initialization code since the very beginning, but it is 
>something that should change now that we have dynamically loaded modules and 
>all such.
>Not doing the Py_FatalError may not be a good option, though: it could well be 
>that the outer layers of the importing code also expect the initxxxx() 
>routines to always succeed, so fixing this may be more work than it looks.
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The reason I got to this is that somewhen between 1.5.2 final and
stackless 1.5.42+ somebody cleaned up the cPickle module so that it
didn't fatal error. This has few ramifications for most as they normally
have the copy_reg module available, but it changed the behaviour when
using Gordon's installer from a non-recoverable error to a recoverable
Robin Becker