[XML-SIG] Questions about this application

Frank J.S. Chen frank63@ms5.hinet.net
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:25:40 -0000


1) First, can this be done?  What I read indicates that it can, but I want
to make sure.  If it cannot be done, there is no need to go on to the other

Ans:I think it might be done. But the data structures of XML documents
should be designed carefully to be applicable for the backend database
for example, XML with XQL.You may also need to develop tools with Python 
to 'query' XML documents to get stuff, and then make the results into
XML file. After this, use XSL/XSLT tool to transform XML into HTML 
to present data on your Web site.

2) Is SaX only available for Linux?  I run Linux at home (as an alternative
to M$), but I am not a programmer and am by no means skilled with Linux - I
am an end user, although I did build the machine and installed/configured
Linux myself.

Ans: No. SAX is a specification for XML API, not a parser, not a driver,
not a
'real' API. Implementation of SAX is based on programmig languages, like
java, tcl/tk,
perl, C++, and Python, etc. Python's xml.sax package is by now the
of  SAX 1.0.I am waiting for the SAX 2.0 implementation:-).

3) What browser do you use to view XML with Linux?  I use Netscape, but the
only browser I know that supports XML is IE5 - not available for Linux, and
Amaya - the W3C browser.

Ans: I've heard that IE5 supports XML well, and Netscape 6 supports XML
too. But I have not tried yet. However, it's should not be the point. But
should notice that Microsoft intends to develop their own XML, if you can
get good
presentation on IE5, but get bad presentation on Netscape 6, that's perhaps
because you use the specific XML features of Microsoft's MSXML.

4) Can you direct me to more resources - like a user's group, maybe - or a
mailing list that would not flame stupid questions?  We did a database
project with ASP this summer and while there was a lot of documentation on
the web, it would have been nice to have someone to ask questions,
especially since our project differed somewhat from what we read on the

Ans: Actually, you need do it yourselves. Documentations and technical
supports cannot detail everything for your needs.

~~By Frank