[XML-SIG] Swig, Xerces and python,

Finlay Thompson Finlay.Thompson@MCS.VUW.AC.NZ
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 14:21:18 +1300

Hi there,

Im just at the stage of choosing tools and I would greatly appreciate advice:

The task is to upgrade an existing and busy internet news site. The problem is
that the existing formating is all in perl and very rigid. The idea is to
create a XPath interface onto the existing database, leave all the publishing
software intact, and provide an XML front end for the graphic people to work

The existing system is running on a FreeBSD server with Apache and lots of perl.
My experience, and that of others in our group, is with python, so we want to
use python tools.

After looking at the xml.apache.org site I had the idea of running the Xerces
C++ XML parser, that already supports dom and sax and .... , through SWIG to
produce a python interface. 

What do people think? Does anyone know a what is
wrong with Xerces?(apart from not having a python interface)