[XML-SIG] Swig, Xerces and python,

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 19:57:47 -0800 (PST)

If Xerces is not a requirement (it appears that you have only recently
decided to use it), then I might recommend Expat and the PyExpat module.
You'll have your XML parsing and Python interface as quick as you can
install them :-)

Using the XML-SIG release, you'll also have a DOM to work with. SAX
operates inside of there, constructing the DOM -- you won't really need to
worry about it (unless you want to skip the DOM).

Fourthought has got a DOM and, IIRC, an XPath implementation. I think it
is all in Python, but there may be some remaining C cruft. You'll have to
follow up on that.

Anyhow... in a nutshell: I think there are ample alternatives without
going and fooling around with a C++ XML Parser, SWIG, and developing your
own Python/C Extension.


On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Finlay Thompson wrote:
> Hi there,
> Im just at the stage of choosing tools and I would greatly appreciate advice:
> The task is to upgrade an existing and busy internet news site. The problem is
> that the existing formating is all in perl and very rigid. The idea is to
> create a XPath interface onto the existing database, leave all the publishing
> software intact, and provide an XML front end for the graphic people to work
> with. 
> The existing system is running on a FreeBSD server with Apache and lots of perl.
> My experience, and that of others in our group, is with python, so we want to
> use python tools.
> After looking at the xml.apache.org site I had the idea of running the Xerces
> C++ XML parser, that already supports dom and sax and .... , through SWIG to
> produce a python interface. 
> What do people think? Does anyone know a what is
> wrong with Xerces?(apart from not having a python interface)
> Finlay.
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