[XML-SIG] Zope and DOM

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
04 Jun 2000 12:38:06 +0200

I just noticed that Zope is distributed with something they call ZDOM,
which seems to be a straightforward DOM implementation, although with
some strange assumptions and base classes that I don't fully understand.

However, it uses getFoo, where foo is an IDL attribute, rather than
get_foo or _get_foo, which is not very good for interoperability.  Are
lots of people using this? Should we try to get the Zope people to
change this?

Also, one solution to problems like those Bjørn Pettersen has been
experiencing might be a DOM implementation based on ZODB. I've looked
at this briefly and it seems as though it should be fairly easy to do,
even though some attributes may not be available as attributes, but
only as methods. (Since we shouldn't use __getattr__ with ZODB.) The
_p_changed attribute also has to be maintained.

Beyond that, however, implementing a DBDOM seems relatively
straightforward. Has anyone done this already? (If so, with what
interface?) Is there any interest in this sort of thing?

--Lars M.