[XML-SIG] Pyxie

Sean McGrath sean@digitome.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 21:37:04 +0100

[Paul Prescod]
>I still claim that we could improve upon pyx by making it a
>line-oriented *xml subset*. Then you could pipe through both
>XML-understanding and XML-stupid tools. Several of James Clark's tools
>already produce that kind of thing. 

I toyed with this in the early days of Pyxie but (perhaps
ironically) dropped it because it was to far removed from
James Clarks ESIS notation!

The idea of a simplified XML that would be its own
canonical notation is an idea we discussed some
months ago on the SML list. I am very much a
fan of the idea of a line-oriented XML subset.

(My eyebtows are still singed from the
flaming I got defending the idea of line oriented
markup on the W3C XML SIG all those years ago...)



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