[XML-SIG] XML in Python 1.6 (PROPOSAL)

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
30 Jun 2000 23:49:06 +0200

* Fred L. Drake, Jr.
| I've checked in the files Paul sent me yesterday; please take a look
| at the Python CVS and let me know if we need to change anything.
| Feel free to check in any changes whenever you're ready.  We're
| planning to release the beta tomorrow, so the sooner the better!

I have taken a look now and think it looks good (apart from the name
representation that I wrote about in my previous email). I have some
versions of some of the files that are more up to date, but some of
them depend on modifications to pyexpat.c that I haven't published
yet, so I think we'd better wait until after the beta with checking
them in.

Great work, both of you! And thank you for taking up this when I was
unable to.

--Lars M.