[XML-SIG] consolidation?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
13 Sep 2000 09:44:57 +0200

* Frank J. S. Chen
| PyXML doesn't conform to the specifications. Xmlproc's methods and
| mechanisms for SAX parsing don't follow the SAX standard and this
| will be a problem for people who want to use Python as a XML
| solution. 

There are two reasons for this, the most important being that xmlproc
is older than SAX, and so obviously could not start out with a SAX
interface. Secondly, the xmlproc APIs still offer a lot of
functionality that SAX does not, although once SAX 2.0 is finalized it
could conceivably start using a SAX 2.0 interface. 

The problem is that there are a quite a few users out there that use
the old interface, and I don't want to break their applications by
changing my interfaces. Nor do I see much of a need, since SAX
provides a SAX-based interface to xmlproc.

| I cannot write an application for parsing with just the knowledge of
| the core Python language and the SAX standard. We can use
| drv_xmlproc or drv_pyexpat as a top-layer to solve this problem,
| though, but this will still stop people who want to use both Java
| and Python to write XML-aware applications; they will choose Java
| first and even JPython.

Why do you think so?  Once you know SAX there is no reason to even
discover that xmlproc and pyexpat have different interfaces.
--Lars M.