[XML-SIG] SAX2 in python20b1 usable?

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:12:26 -0700

Stephan Tolksdorf wrote:
> ...
> I've seen one patch in the patch-manager that addresses the problem of
> initial opening of files with ExpatReader.parse(filname). The patch doesn't
> really solve the Problem as ExpatReader's prepareParser still expects a
> filename not an opened file which prepareParser gets from IncrementalParser.parse().

Once this patch is applied it will not be a problem:


prepareParser becomes essentially a no-op.

> Another thing which confuses me is that ExpatReader expects an
> interface which is different from handler.ContentHandler
> (startElement and endElement have different signatures in pulldom.py and
> handler.py). Maybe ContentHandlers inferface isn't uptodate? This is the
> source for my original problems...

You are right, the published interface isn't up-to-date. That's
basically a documentation issue. You could submit a patch but I think
Lars is still going to change those method signatures next week.

Since you understand things so well, maybe you could do me a favor and
try pulldom and see if it meets your needs. The interface is very
static, and very extensible so future extensions to XML should not break
it. We are deciding whether to make pulldom an official API and your
opinion would help.

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