[XML-SIG] 4Suite installation problems

Marsiske Stefan - 3244 stefan.marsiske@sysdata.siemens.hu
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:44:42 +0100

hi all,

yesterday i decided to upgrade to 4Suite-0.10.2 at home. at work here
(solaris) i've been using it since the release, and it's very nice.
just one thing: in XHtmlPrint theres one line which has to be changed: 
on line 12 in python2.0/site-packages/_xmlplus/dom/ext/XHtmlPrinter.py

     self.notations = doctype and doctype.notation or []

needs an "s" after notation...

but! on my home system (linux) i've had a lot of trouble, the installation
script didn't update a lot files, and so a lot of missing functions/attributes
where the result. somehow 4Suite and PyXML together seem to screw up. i needed
to copy a lot of files by hand. and i played a lot with the PyXML-0.6.3
installation, the 4Suite installation, and the PyXML tree included with
4Suite, but in the end i worked it out. unfortunately i didn't document this,
so i can't really tell you what, and why went wrong.
but i can remember one error:
it said that DOMImplementation is missing _4dom_importfile() function or
something similar, so i found out which package is carrying this particular
implementation and copied it by hand.

so is my system screwed, or the installation procedure? or do 4Suite and PyXML

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