[XML-SIG] Re: [rest-discuss] REST made more concrete still

S. Mike Dierken mdierken@hotmail.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 20:21:03 -0800

I really like the idea of this - especially hashing things out via code...

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> I had a much better idea of how to do static service declarations (as
> per IDL or WSDL) for REST web services:
> http://www.prescod.net/wrdl.html
> It reflects the underlying Web Architecture much more clearly than my
> old proposal did. It is consequently simpler.
> It has first-class concepts of "resource", "representation", "method",
> "input" and "output". Methods are HTTP methods like PUT, GET, DELETE,
> YOURMETHOD. Inputs are like HTTP method inputs: headers, query params
> and body (the URI is implied by the resource!). Outputs are like HTTP
> outputs: status code, headers and body. Resources know what
> representations they support and you can navigate from resource to
> resource through hyperlinks without worrying about the XML or HTML
> syntax of the representation (unless you want to). Following a hyperlink
> is a type-safe operation.
> That's about all the concepts in it.
> A rough proposal for an API (Java-ish syntax to prove it isn't biased
> towards dynamic languages) is provided. Everything is statically type
> checked just as with IDL or WSDL. Of course in Python everything would
> be done at runtime and thus save a build step.
> When I implement it I think it will be a really cool tool. Until then, I
> think it is a useful pedagogic tool for those working on REST Zen. If
> *you* want to implement it before I get around to it, in whatever
> language, please do. I'll work with you to clear up any fuzzy parts of
> the spec.
>  Paul Prescod
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