[XML-SIG] dom building, sax, and namespaces

Andrew Dalke Andrew Dalke" <dalke@dalkescientific.com
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 06:25:52 -0700

Daniel Veillard:
>   Considering that the XML spec very clearly says that an
>XML parser MUST stop delivering content as soon as a well
>formedness error is found in a document, and that the
>probability of growing a corruption on a
>very large file becomes not neglectable, using XML to store huge 
>data on a single instance is IMHO brain-dead.

The data files are themselves machine generated.  The
parser I have that converts the flat-file to a marked-up
version also does verification of the format.  So it meets
the XML criterion.

What I'm providing is a migration mechanism for people to
keep their existing practice (large flat files) but start
taking advantage of the benefits of newer technologies.  Yes,
there's a change the input file is corrupt.  I can detect
that.  But it's at least better than what people do now,
where there is little detection of corruption.