[XML-SIG] Problems using _4xslt, is this normal?

Mike F Miller mikem@ichips.intel.com
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:29:58 -0800

I've been using PyXML's sax support for some time and it's been working
great for my needs, but I wanted to do some quick xml->html conversions
for documentation reasons so I figured I could just whip up a few .xsl
stylesheets and use the xslt support in PyXML to do the translations.
It appeared that xslt/_4xslt.py was the answer to my problems, but I've
run into a large number of issues (mostly include errors or mismatches 
on object interface names) that is leading me to believe that it isn't
up to date, or I'm missing some additional package(s).

So, is anyone using it with any success? And if so, is there something
special that you had to do to get it working? I'm running on Linux 2.2
with Python 2.1 and PyXML 0.7.


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