[XML-SIG] validating xhtml

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
18 Mar 2002 19:46:56 +0100

barlow@t-online.de (Steve Barlow) writes:

> Dies a horrible death with messages about "xml:space must have
> exactly the values 'default' and 'preserve'" Am I correct that this
> is just my lack of understanding about XHTML and has nothing to do
> with python?

Yes on the second part, probably no on the first part. xmlproc (the
validating parser) finds a declaration of a xml:space attribute in the
XHTML DTDs it doesn't like.

This is certainly not your fault - you did not write the DTD. Further
analysis would be needed whether the fault is with xmlproc, or with
the DTD. Don't be too impressed that the DTD is published by the W3C -
even they may make errors.

I recall vaguely that the definition of xml:space in the XML spec is
somewhat ambiguous, and that the W3C eventually took a different
interpretation than xmlproc. However, I also vaguely recall that this
difference was fixed in xmlproc. So the question is - what version of
PyXML are you using?