[XML-SIG] validating xhtml

Steve Barlow barlow@t-online.de
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 19:52:25 +0100

Hello Martin,
  I was using PyXML 0.6.6 and upgraded on the advice from Sylvain Thenault
to PyXML 0.7.  Probelm solved - it seems to work fine now.  Thanks for the
reply - I would have tried upgraded based on your reply too.

Steve Barlow

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> barlow@t-online.de (Steve Barlow) writes:
> > Dies a horrible death with messages about "xml:space must have
> > exactly the values 'default' and 'preserve'" Am I correct that this
> > is just my lack of understanding about XHTML and has nothing to do
> > with python?
> Yes on the second part, probably no on the first part. xmlproc (the
> validating parser) finds a declaration of a xml:space attribute in the
> XHTML DTDs it doesn't like.
> This is certainly not your fault - you did not write the DTD. Further
> analysis would be needed whether the fault is with xmlproc, or with
> the DTD. Don't be too impressed that the DTD is published by the W3C -
> even they may make errors.
> I recall vaguely that the definition of xml:space in the XML spec is
> somewhat ambiguous, and that the W3C eventually took a different
> interpretation than xmlproc. However, I also vaguely recall that this
> difference was fixed in xmlproc. So the question is - what version of
> PyXML are you using?
> Regards,
> Martin