[XML-SIG] Working with non-compliant XML utilities

Alleman, Lowell lalleman at mfps.com
Thu Dec 11 14:04:25 EST 2003

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> > and whether an empty element is written as "<a></a>" or 
> "</a>" need to be
> > presented in a specific way.
> Is it always one way or always the other, or a mix?

It is per-element.  For example element 'a' would always be <a></a>, but 'b'
would have to be shown as '<b/>'.  If 'a' was written as '<a/> or 'b' as
<b></b>, the application chokes.  It's pretty annoying.

The good news is that when it comes down to actuality, only a few elements
need to be tweaked.  It's always in the form of forcing "<e/>" to be written
as "<e></e>", but never the other way around.

Thanks for your suggestions.

- Lowell

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