[XML-SIG] xml to pdf... a newbie question...

rmangaliag@slu.edu.ph rmangaliag@slu.edu.ph
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 15:08:03 +0800

how can i generate pdf with htmldoc???
or did i get the message right?


I found "htmldoc" much simpler than ReportLab and
more in line with what I needed.

rmangaliag@slu.edu.ph wrote:

thanks... i'm currently downloading it now...

how about if i choose to present the reports in postscript???

is there a python application that can change xml/xsl to postscript???

tnx again...

a friend showed me fop of java which is capable of creating 
pdf files using 

do we have a python program/application that can do the same...

i am about to start a web-based project here in our school 
that will require 
reports in pdf format, i want to use zope and wondering if 
and when i access a 
database and return an xml version of it, i could change it to pdf...

Unfortunately I haven't seen a FO processor written in Python yet, but
there's another possible solution for you: a free library called ReportLab
for PDF creation with Python.

It does'nt use XML/XSLT and FO but that probably doesn't matter for your
project, on the contrary: ReportLab was especially designed for generation
of PDF documents in real time from any data source on web servers. Here you
can find it: http://www.reportlab.com/

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