[XML-SIG] xml to pdf... a newbie question...

rmangaliag@slu.edu.ph rmangaliag@slu.edu.ph
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 16:09:52 +0800

thanks... but one last question...

can that happen on the server, for example, in one operation???

what i mean is, can a user, through zope, get a pdf report generated by python 
through xml to html to htmldoc... that will result to pdf??? or even post 

thanks... you've been so helpful guys...

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> > how can i generate pdf with htmldoc???
> > or did i get the message right?
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> > I found "htmldoc" much simpler than ReportLab and
> > more in line with what I needed.
> > 
> You need at first to generate HTML. That you can feed to htmldoc which
> outputs pretty nice PDF (see for instance the Dive into Python Book by Mark
> Pilgrim - http://diveintopython.org/).
> htmldoc you can find here: http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/
> With htmldoc you're fixed to HTML output as the first target. But you can
> get Postscript OTH.
> For future maintainability, I'd first write out XML anyway (DocBook,
> preferrably), transform it with XSLT to HTML and then feed it to htmldoc.
> It's a completely different approach than with ReportLab - you can
> potentially output whatever format you want.
> If you want to keep it very simple, you could of course write out HTML.
> However, if I had to  do the task, I'd never do this anymore.
> Regards
> Gisbert
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