[XML-SIG] NOTATION support in xmlproc

Olivier CAYROL (Logilab) Olivier.Cayrol at logilab.fr
Mon Sep 8 14:57:42 EDT 2003

On 09-08-2003, Lars Marius Garshol wrote :

> * Alexandre Fayolle
> | Just a short question: does xmlproc support notations ?
> When parsing the DTD you will receive events for notation
> declarations, and when meeting an external entity declaration that
> uses a notation you will also be informed of that.

Well, it seems there is a problem with the NOTATION when you activate the
validation of the XML. When I try to validate the XML attached to this
email, xmlproc replies me :

  E:test-notation.xml:7:54: 'png' is not an allowed value for the
    'format' attribute
  E:test-notation.xml:18:23: 'gif' is not an allowed value for the
    'format' attribute
  E:test-notation.xml:21:23: 'jpg' is not an allowed value for the
    'format' attribute
  E:test-notation.xml:24:23: 'png' is not an allowed value for the
    'format' attribute

As other XML parsers are not having problems with this file, I feel there
is a bug in xmlproc validation. Do I feel right?


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