[XML-SIG] Amara XML Toolkit 0.9.1 changes

Uche Ogbuji Uche.Ogbuji at fourthought.com
Thu Dec 30 19:48:36 CET 2004

Forgot the changes in the original announcement:

* Fixed embarrassing misinterpretation of
  Now Namespace prefixes work fine with or without PyXML installed
* Add saxtools.namespace_mixin utility class
* Clean up bindery.document_base name attributes
* Add bindery.element_base.xml_remove_child and .xml_index_on_parent--
methods for easier removal of children
* tenorsax was useless due to accidental late mangling before 0.9.0
release.  Fixed.
* Use tenorsax fully in Scimitar.
  Scimitar is now a complete ISO schematron implementation in about 500
  of Python code (including the skeletons for code generation)


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