[XML-SIG] wddx 1.0

Jim Dukarm jim at deltaxresearch.com
Fri Feb 27 14:59:18 EST 2004

Hi -

I am developing a Python web application that will be using XML data
files for various purposes, and WDDX seems to solve the problem of
making those data files more friendly to third-party applications.

The wddx.py module in the PyXML marshal package is for WDDX 0.9, but
the current WDDX SDK is for version 1.0.  I have modified wddx.py to
produce wddx_0100.py for WDDX 1.0, including 'null' implemented as
Python None, 'boolean' implemented as Python bool, and also the new
complex type 'binary'. Details are spelled out in the header comments.

Because there are quite a few changes, the diff comparison with
wddx.py is large.  I would be happy to send wddx_0100.py to anyone
interested; I don't want to bug everyone by sending it to this list as
an attachment. I am not up to speed on CVS, so I apologize for not
being able to submit this in a more respectable way.

By the way, I note that in both wddx.py and generic.py in the marshal
package, the marshalling methods have an argument 'dict'.  In recent
versions of Python, 'dict' is the name of a type, so this is a little
like having an integer argument called 'int'. It would seem advisable
to change the arg's name to 'id_dict' or something similar. 

Also, you might want to change the WDDX link in the PyXML project home
page (http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/) to point to 'openwddx.org'
instead of 'wddx.org', which is now defunct.

Best regards to all,

Jim Dukarm
Victoria BC Canada

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