[XML-SIG] Some questions from a beginner

Pawel Lewicki lewy0lewy at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Feb 28 12:22:09 EST 2004

I have just started playing with xml and python and some issues are still not 
clear to me.
I need to analyze one large xml file. It consists of schema and data. The 
namespace is some Microsoft stuff (I don’t remember the name but If it has any 
meaning I can check it after a weekend).
I guess that having schema I can analyze the file. It has 3 kinds of the nodes 
(DB tuples). I found out that I can use dom or sax module. And as a file is 
about 100MB sax is the way to go. What should I do to understand data? What 
should I ask google for? The only way I found to analyze a large file is to 
write a doc handler specifying startElement/characters/… methods. I don’t 
believe that there is no way to use given logical structure (and types of 
The only thing I need to do (now) is to parse a file and move data to RDBMS.
Please, at least some keywords to start with.


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