[XML-SIG] PyXml-0.8.1 installation help required...

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jan 21 15:00:52 EST 2004

santosh sawant wrote at 2004-1-21 06:55 +0000:
>Please help me out in installing pyXml-0.8.1.
>I am newbies at zope development.
>I want to install ParsedXML 1.3.1 on Zope 2.6.3, on
>windows 2000 server. Python 2.1 is installed at c:\
>and zope is installed inside program files folder of
>c: drive.
>I don't know how to, where to install pyxml.
>As you have written in Readme text file, to compile 
>1) Run "python setup.py build" to copy *.py files and
>compile the C extensions.
>2) To install everything in the site-packages
>directory as an xml/ package, run "python setup.py
>But where from I should compile those file, and should
>I move any folder inside zope developement folder.

Do this with the "python" you use to run Zope.
This python should know where to place the package
such that all applications using this interpreter should
be able to access it.

However, you may need to have a C compiler on your computer
to build the "C" extensions yourself. They tend to be expensive...
There probably is a "PyXML" binary for Windows and
you should probably install this (rather than trying to
build the extensions yourself).
Find the binary installer and read its instructions...


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