[XML-SIG] conflict with PyXML and 4suite

Mike Brown mike at skew.org
Fri Nov 5 04:17:15 CET 2004

Paul Tremblay wrote:
> I think install the 4suite package. But when I run the test suite, I get
> an error. I can only run 4suite successfully if I remove the _xmlplus
> directory from my site-packages directory.
> Could you cc me any response since I am not part of this mailing list?

Uh, not much to go on here.

When you say latest versions, do you mean PyXML 0.8.3 and 4Suite 1.0a3? Did 
you have any other versions of PyXML or 4Suite installed previously? If so, 
which ones, and do you have the old scripts in your binary path, still?
Any odd environment variables?

How did you install 4Suite? python setup.py install? Or did you install
an RPM or Windows binaries? Is this on Windows or Unix?

How did you go about running the test suite? What error did you get?

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