[XML-SIG] Python Web Services and .NET - will it ever work

Richard Kessler richard.kessler at matteicos.com
Tue Nov 30 17:39:13 CET 2004

Apologies if this is the wrong new group, but I have been STRUGGLING to get
either SOAPpy or ZSI to successfully consume .NET web services and it just
will not work. I have read a few items on the the net regarding problems
others have had. I very much want to use Plone and a Python web service
client to consume web services from my backend (Microsoft .NET) but if the
two wont talk, I am out of luck.

Does anyone out there have suggestions, know of successful projects where
Python consumes .NET web services or have any idea where some thorough
documentation on how to get this to work may exist.

Thanks very much in advance,

Richard Kessler
richard.kessler at matteicos.com

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