[XML-SIG] Python Web Services and .NET - will it ever work

Paul Downey paul.downey at whatfettle.com
Tue Nov 30 19:31:55 CET 2004

Richard Kessler wrote:
> Apologies if this is the wrong new group, but I have been STRUGGLING to get
> either SOAPpy or ZSI to successfully consume .NET web services and it just
> will not work. I have read a few items on the the net regarding problems
> others have had. I very much want to use Plone and a Python web service
> client to consume web services from my backend (Microsoft .NET) but if the
> two wont talk, I am out of luck.

out of interest, when you say "consume .NET web services" are we talking 
WSDL, or just SOAP? Is the service style 'rpc/encoded' or 
'document/literal' ?

Paul Downey

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